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What is the difference between keywords and tags

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Many users confuse keywords with the tags  add to the page or topic,  they have just added, and here we go to tell you are tags,  what are keywords, what are long-tailed keywords, and what is the difference between keywords and tags.

What are tags?

  1.  Tags are considered descriptive information for the internal system of the site, which may help in accessing similar content or related topics easily and achieve correlation between the content of the article and the tags added to it, and help in finding the most popular and popular articles.
  2. Tags are not limited to a specific number so you can use an infinite number of them within the article, and are used to adjust and determine the path of the content of the article and then the custom section.
  3. It may slightly affect your site  SEO "SEO here means that your website is compatible with what search engines understand."
  4. Tags help adjust and control the section you are trying to target.

what are Keywords?

Keywords are phrases and words that describe the topics you write about and that readers are constantly looking for through search engines. They are the target keywords in your content that you are supposed to target the audience they are looking for.

What are the types of keywords?

keywords is important thing when you follow SEO rules.

Short-tail keywords

It consists of one or two words or 3 words and the competition for it is very intense, but also the demand for it in search engines is great.

long-tail keywords

They are at least 4 words or more, and search for them in search engines is less, but they are considered the main source of traffic.

The importance of keywords

  1.  It makes it easier for search engines to understand the content you offer.
  2. Keywords help determine where your content ranks in search results.
  3. It helps users get the information they are looking for with ease.
  4. Increase the results of your appearance in search results for these terms or search sentences.
  5. Using the right keywords helps get more visitors to your website.
  6. Search engine crawlers visit a web page and it is indexed and then the matching process or the so-called classification process occurs through it.
  7. Keywords are a channel to connect your target audience to your website.

How to choose the right keywords 

to choose the right keywords You must follow the following tips :

  1.  You have to study what your target audience is asking for.
  2. Do not start the article with keywords.
  3. You have to create a list of keywords with which you target your own audience for the site as a whole.
  4. Use some of the tools that rank the most searched keywords on your site through the Google Search Console tool.
  5. It is preferable to put the keywords in (title - description - first paragraph - alternative text of images - and the center of the article is a word synonymous with it - and the last article).
  6. You can use different synonyms for keywords with high search results on your site.
  7. You should develop a good keyword targeting strategy that helps improve your site in search engines.
  8. Choose keywords with high search rates and low competition If your site is new, we advise you to use long-tailed keywords
  9. Use the keyword box provided by R-seo to know the search rates and the strength of competition for keywords.
  10. Get backlinks that point to your site by your keywords.