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Meta tags element (the full guide)

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What is the Meta tags element?

meta element or meta tags element are some of html codes which help browsers and search engines crawler to understand the content more accurately.

Meta Description is Indirectly Important to Improve Your Website  rank on Search Engines

A properly typed and engaging page description encourages searchers to click on your site pages, and the more your page is clicked, the higher you go up to the top ranks in search engines.

This element should therefore not be ignored and given its right to importance.

Now we are going to mention some tips for writing a suitable page description for your page.

Types of Meta tags element

  1. Content-Type
  2. Title
  3. Site verification
  4. Googlebot
  5. Keywords
  6. description
  7. Viewport
  8. Social meta tags

How to write a suitable meta description

Think about what the researcher wants

Before you write any description of your page, think first about what the searcher for your keyword wants your page to contain.

That is, if you are targeting the word "techniques for study" you should make it clear in the description of the page that you are going to talk about techniques that help the person to bring high scores in their tests, for example, and that they will understand the lessons more and so on.

Maintain a suitable length for description

Google does not show all the text of the description of the page, this will cause problems that are indispensable It merely shows about 150 characters of the description and the rest is cut and three dots are added at the end, so make sure that your meta description doesn not exceed that number.

Add your keyword in the description

As we said earlier, the meta description is not a direct factor to improve the SEO of your site and adding the keyword to this description will not change this fact

However, adding the target keyword in the description can increase the number of clicks your Page gains, so follow SEO rules.

why the Meta description does not appear in the search engine Google

There are reasons why the search description doesn not appear in search results, but the common reason is Google deliberate doing this.

In some cases, Google ignores the search description you typed to add instead of this certain text from your page because it sees it as more appropriate.

The most you can do then to show your page description is to change the description you have written, and you can not guarantee it will appear after that, but you can try.